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We design and build custom lamps.  If you have a treasured memento... from your grandmothers butter churn, coffee grinder, etc. to your uncle's musical instrument, we can make it into a lamp.  Our design can retain the items original functionality and accessibility & use with no permanent connection to the lamp or damage to the original item.

Plating Metalwork is one of the oldest skills in America. A trip through the Senter Plating workroom is much like stepping back into the near-forgotten age of craftsmanship, where many of the ancient techniques are still used. Tools and equipment are important, but the skilled hands and practiced eyes of our craftsmen are our chief assets. Aspiring metalworkers are apprenticed to older, more skilled craftsmen. As the years go by, their talents develop and they, in turn, join Senter Plating's staff of experts.


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8-5 monday - friday

Senter Plating Company
6908 North Western Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

(800) 248-3767 (toll free)
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